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The main events of the 2nd International Tiger Forum took place on 5 September 2022 at the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) campus on Russky Island (Ajax, Vladivostok).

The FEFU is the largest higher education institution in the Russian Far East and one of the most rapidly developing research and educational centres in the Asia-Pacific region.

The FEFU campus on Russky Island was built in 2012 in advance of the APEC summit. Today, the FEFU is a hub for scientific and business communication between the Russian expert community and its international counterparts throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The campus not only serves as a university, but as a modern expo centre hosting conventions, exhibitions, festivals, and forums, including international ones. The venue includes halls which can be used for roundtables and sessions, two large amphitheatres with capacities of 900 and 700 people, conference rooms, and multimedia auditoriums.

The campus has been designed to offer safe, easy, and convenient access throughout for people with disabilities.

In addition to disabled access to all buildings and facilities, there are information and navigation signs, parking spaces for special vehicles, ramps, and specially designated lifts.

The campus’ natural setting is a particularly appealing feature. Visitors are able to enjoy a large recreation area complete with garden squares, parks, and fountains. The crowning feature of this area is the 1,200-metre-long promenade running along Ajax Bay, which includes foot and cycle paths, a beach, and a parking area, making it the ideal location to go for a stroll or unwind.

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